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Employer: Post a Job

Below are instructions for you to post a job in Unify.


  1. If you haven’t logged in, go to Click on the “Employer Login” button and login with your email and password.

  2. Once logged in, click “Post a Job” in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Fill in the form with the job’s information and written description.

  4. Click “Next” to proceed to the next step.

  5. On the following page, select the preferred education level for this job and click “Next”.

  6. Then select the preferred prior work experience by selecting an occupation, through either the drop down menu or typing it in, and the preferred amount of experience in that occupation. The amount of experience will be measured in time. When complete, click “Next”.

  7. Next select the minimum match and fit scores for jobs seekers to receive an acceptance message if they pass all of your curation criteria and questions. Here you can also customize your acceptance or regrets messages. Click "Next" when ready.

  8. This screen gives you the option to automatically invite job seekers to apply to your job when they meet or exceed your match and fit score targets as well as allowing you to customize your invitation message. When complete, click "Next".

  9. Next indicate if you would like candidates to apply on your company's career site or applicant tracking system. If yes, please enter the address where candidates who pass curation criteria and questions should be directed to apply to the jobs. Click "Next" when ready.

  10. The following screens are for ranking the importance of qualities in abilities, skills, interests and work environment.

    Unify automatically identifies traits that most likely apply to this job, based on the title and description. Rank the level of proficiency desired for candidates on the scale provided for each trait.

    For each trait, there are options to mark as a “Required” trait or to “Delete” if it does not apply to this job.

    Easily add to view, add or remove traits in a section through the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

    There is also an option to mark the entire section as “Not Applicable” in the top right corner.

  11. After completing the Abilities through Work Environment rankings, there is an option for adding Custom Questions. If there are specific questions that should be answered by candidates during the application phase, enter the question and the answer options.

    Then toggle the switch to mark it as an active question in this job. Complete this process for as many custom questions as desired. When finished, click “Add Questions” in the top right corner. This will officially add all active questions to the job. Then click “Review”.

  12. The job is now fully drafted. On this screen, please review the sections of the job posting to verify that all information is correct. When ready, click “Post” or “Save Draft & Close”.

    If saving as a draft, the job will not be posted. It will instead be saved to draft jobs. If posting, the job will immediately be posted and made active.

    Access to both active and draft jobs can be found on the Job Posting page, found on the side menu.