Employer: Reviewing Candidates

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Employer: Reviewing Candidates

Below are instructions for you to review candidates and set up interviews.


  1. If you haven’t logged in, go to Click on the “Employer Login” button and login with your email and password.

  2. Once logged in, click on “Job Posting” in the left navigation bar. On the Job Posting screen there will be a list of the jobs you have posted in the system. Click on the job posting of interest to review candidates.

  3. The job posting's detail page shows the details about the job posting on the left. On the right candidates, also known as job seekers, are shown. At the top there are 5 tabs to represent different parts of the hiring process that you can explore.

    Your Matches: Job seekers who have matched to the job
    Invited Seekers: Job seekers who have been invited to apply to the job
    Applicants to Screen: Job seekers who have applied for the job
    Candidates to Interview: Job seekers who have been moved to the interview stage
    Candidates to Hire: Job seekers who have been moved to the hiring stage

  4. In any hiring stage you can click on the job seeker to see details about their profile or application. When clicked, a window will popup on the right with details about the job seeker that you can explore more about the job seeker.

  5. At the top of each the job seeker detail screen are button options to move the job seeker forward or disengage with them. For example, in the "Your Matches" stage you have the option to invite the job seeker to apply to the job or disengage them.