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Employer: Candidates and Interviews

Below are instructions for you to review candidates and set up interviews.


  1. If you haven’t logged in, go to Click on the “Employer Login” button and login with your email and password.

  2. Once logged in, click “on “Candidate” in the left navigation bar. On the Candidate screen there will be a list of candidates, known as “Seekers'' who have applied for one or more of your job listings. Also visible on the Candidate dashboard are details on which job they applied for, their fit, match and overall scores and the date they applied.

    In the far right is a Status column for each Seeker. If the application has not been viewed, it will be “Applied.” Once the application has been viewed, the status will change to “Screened”. This helps distinguish what stage each applicant is current in.

  3. To review a candidate’s application, click on the Seeker’s id number in the first column. On the right side of the screen, the candidate’s match scores, cover letter and profile information will be displayed. Click through the various menus to review details about the candidate. After reviewing, click the “X” in the top right corner to return to the Candidate dashboard.

  4. If you find a candidate you wish to interview, click on the right three dots to the right of the status column. From the options, select “Interview”. The candidate’s status will change to “Needs Scheduling”. This identifies the candidate as one to move forward with, but does not yet establish an interview time or send an invitation to the candidate.

  5. To set up interview details and send an interview invitation to the candidate, click on the right three dots and select “Schedule Interview”. The interview setup screen will appear on the right side of the screen. Fill out the form with all details for the interview and then click “Choose Date & Time”.

  6. The next screen is a calendar with time slots. Select one or more dates and times you are available to have the interview. When the candidate receives the interview invitation, they will then be able to select from among these date and time options.

  7. When finished selecting date and time options, click “Send Request”.

  8. The candidate’s status will change to “Awaiting” and has officially been invited to interview. Once the candidate has reviewed the invitation and confirmed a time, their status will change to “Scheduled”.

    If the candidate has any questions, they will now be able to message you to directly communicate.

  9. After an interview is complete, click on the right three dots and select “Mark as complete”. The candidate’s status will now be “Interviewed”.